While in Kenosha Thursday, Joe Biden met with the family of Jacob Blake but only spoke with Blake by phone, probably due to the COVID-19 risk of entering a hospital. Plus, Biden probably thought, hey, I’m in the same area code so it won’t be long-distance. Biden says he spoke to Blake for about 15 minutes, and it sounds like he gave him a pep talk.

That’s great that the family prayed for the policeman involved — though it will probably enrage a large portion of Biden’s base who are now fervently anti-cop — but we wonder if they could have spared a prayer as well for the woman who called 911 on Blake when he showed up at her house.

As we said in an earlier post, Biden helped spearhead “It’s On Us,” a campaign to stop sexual assault on college campuses, and he’s also managed to slip through the #MeToo movement with some help from supporters like Alyssa Milano.

Dana Loesch writes at her website:

Why haven’t Democrats expressed support for Blake’s victim, whose experience was overshadowed by Blake’s trend of unwise decisions after she called the police? Why has there been zero condemnation of Blake’s actions that created this situation in the first place? Why are professional sports teams and politicians celebrating a guy who fought with cops called by his reported female victim who wanted Blake to simply stop assaulting her?

We may never hear from Blake’s victim — or about her — as cities burn anew because an accused sexual predator fought with cops.

But at least Biden gave Blake a pep talk.

Biden might be removed from the ticket if he keeps campaigning as he did in Kenosha.