We can’t find it in the archives, but we remember a reporter taking a photo of Lafayette Park or somewhere close by in Washington, D.C. at lunchtime and remarking on how peaceful it was, with nary a rioter in sight. We were reminded of that Tuesday morning when CNN’s fact-checker noted that the entire city of Portland is NOT ablaze all the time, as President Trump claimed. He was backed up by CNN correspondent Josh Campbell, who tweeted a photo as proof that the entire city wasn’t ablaze.

We’ve seen more than a couple of reporters do this, and coincidentally, they always take their photos in the morning or afternoon for some reason. The Daily Caller’s Geoffrey Ingersoll wants to know if this is going to become its own sub-genre of Twitter:

Lucky for Campbell he doesn’t live in Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo, then, because rioters broke into a dentist’s office nearby, stole furniture to set on fire, and started a fire in the lobby. They also started a fire in a metal trash can in the road and watched it melt as it burned.

A little closer up, Portland doesn’t look that great, but who are we to question a photo?

Reportedly, the Oregon State Police are sending in federally deputized troopers to deal with the violence you don’t see in Campbell’s photo.

And why did the governor want to send in more deputies from neighboring counties? It’s just one guy eating a breakfast burrito.

Good thing we don’t have to rely on CNN for video of the downtown area.



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