As Twitchy reported, the mainstream media were beside themselves on the final night of the Republican National Convention after seeing the layout of chairs on the White House lawn for President Trump’s acceptance speech. They weren’t socially distancing, and maybe half were wearing masks. Also not socially distancing were the protesters who surrounded and harassed people like Sen. Rand Paul as they left the event. If we remember correctly, Trump even suggested calling the speech a protest, since the coronavirus apparently can’t spread at a protest, because the virus knows that systemic racism is a greater public health issue than COVID-19.

Here’s Drew Holden with another great thread on the media’s coverage of the RNC and Friday’s March on Washington, which had exponentially more people crammed together on the National Mall. Oh, but it was outdoors, so it was safe. But then again, Trump’s speech was outdoors. Oh well.

Great reporting, NPR: “Amid Peaceful Protest, Crowd Surrounds Rand Paul After Trump Speech.” So those were mostly peaceful protesters who “surrounded” Paul and his wife.