We’ve seen takes like this earlier, but as the election draws closer, we’re seeing more of them: things like, “If you vote for Donald Trump you’re a racist. Period.” President Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention obviously rattled a lot of mainstream journalists, who were already triggered by the lack of social distancing at the White House (while just outside, protesters weren’t socially distancing while lining up to have their photo take with an effigy of Trump in a guillotine or harassing Sen. Rand Paul and others leaving the event and going back to their hotels).

Now CNN’s Don Lemon is doing some prime-time psychiatry and accusing Trump supporters of having a disconnect or cognitive dissonance because they just can’t admit they voted for the wrong person. And to punctuate his point, Lemon points his finger at the camera to make sure you know it’s you who has the problem.

Why can’t Trump supporters just be honest with themselves and admit they backed the wrong candidate? Poor Don Lemon certainly is frustrated that no matter how much he talks, people support the president and his agenda.