No sports league is more woke than the WNBA, who walked off the court during the national anthem after the death of George Floyd and whose team, the Washington Mystics, came out of the locker room Wednesday night wearing T-shirts that spelled out “Jacob Blake” on the front and had seven bullet holes painted on the back. The National Hockey League, though, has shown it can be woke too, such as when players knelt for both the American and Canadian national anthems after Floyd’s death.

Now we’re hearing that the NHL has postponed all playoff games in solidarity with the NBA, even though, as Twitchy reported earlier, the NBA’s players had told ESPN that they were going to continue with the playoffs as scheduled after Wednesday night’s boycott.

We had to look it up: The HDA is the Hockey Diversity Alliance.

Great idea.

So apparently they’re taking two nights off to support Black Lives Matter:

That means there’s nothing to watch tonight except the Republican National Convention.