Seattle radio host Jason Rantz on Tuesday night posted a photo of what is believed to be an attempt to seal the doors of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct with quick-dry cement.

Rantz writes:

As some in the crowd vandalized the building and tormented police, others brought quick-dry cement to seal police officers inside the building.

The criminals at the 12th Avenue entrance reportedly mixed what is suspected to be cement mix and water in a bucket with a wooden stick before applying it to the door. Photos show the criminals also destroyed the electronic key card off the door, presumably to stop people from getting inside the building.

On the East Pine Street side of the East Precinct, the criminals started a fire. The intent appeared to be to burn the building with the officers inside.

Here’s video from KIRO showing a different angle of rioters trying to seal police inside the building and setting it on fire:

And here’s video from a surveillance camera of rioters hurling Molotov cocktails at the Seattle Police Officers Guild office:

Rantz now says they have a suspect in the attempted arson:

It’s truly shocking and disheartening to see just how many people are commenting that “cops aren’t people” and joking that they weren’t really in any danger and could have just used the fire escape. Then it would just be the precinct burning down; no big deal.


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