The Milwaukee Bucks were slated to tip off against the Orlando Magic Wednesday, but it looks like the Bucks are boycotting the game. Outkick notes that the Bucks play about an hour away from Kenosha where Jacob Blake was shot by police on Sunday. Yahoo Sports further reports that “an assembly, organized by players who are emotionally traumatized by the latest police-involved shooting of an African American that was captured on video, was held Tuesday night at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.”

“Players began reaching out to the [NBA Players Association executive] committee in recent days, sharing that they’re not in the right frame of mind to play basketball,” sources tell Yahoo Sports.

You could read the Washington Post’s article or just Le Bron James’ tweet to save time.

For what it’s worth, the NBA referees are standing in solidarity with the players.

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And over in the WNBA, not only are they boycotting …

… the Washington Mystics showed up with T-shirts spelling “Jacob Blake” on the front and each dotted with seven “bullet holes” in the back.