Talk about star power. First, singer Billie Eilish converted many a Trump voter on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. But now the Associated Press is rolling out some of the most established (i.e., old) names in entertainment who are going to be backing Joe Biden, including Carole King, Jimmy Buffett, and James Taylor.

The AP reports:

With in-person campaigning largely suspended because of the coronavirus, a parade of movie and TV stars, pop icons and sports standouts are proving crucial in helping Biden raise money and energize supporters as campaign surrogates. Events this week with celebrities and advocates including actress Alyssa Milano are serving as counter-programming to the Republican National Convention.

“We’re just flooding the zone as much as possible,” said Michelle Kwan, Biden’s surrogate director and an Olympic silver and bronze medalist figure skater who held a similar post for Hillary Clinton in 2016. “Our artists and actors who are surrogates, they tend to be at home so their availability and their schedule has opened up (and) they’re willing to do more things.”

Biden’s campaign now has a team of 15 staffers dedicated to organizing surrogate activities.

Wow, Alyssa Milano? Her track record of endorsements is stellar, and it’s so handy she was able to explain away Biden’s compulsive sniffing and groping as a reason not to vote for him.

The thing is, if Biden does find some celebrities that younger voters actually recognize, they’ll be leftovers from the Bernie Sanders camp who want Biden to fully embrace the socialism they were hoping for.

As always, we’re waiting to hear from Lena Dunham.

If James Taylor can heal France after a terrorist attack by jihadis, what can’t he do?


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