Look, we’re not here to defend former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who knelt on George Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes. We know enough about the news business, though, to know that a person is only alleged of a crime until he’s tried and convicted. Chauvin is charged with second- and third-degree murder, but his trial isn’t even scheduled to begin until next year.

Our feeling, and it’s an uneasy one, is that the prosecutors have overcharged Chauvin, who might be convicted of second-degree manslaughter but cleared of the murder charges. Murder seems like a stretch, and if and when Chauvin walks away from those charges, we fear we’re going to see riots all over again.

Joe Biden — finally — has recorded a statement about the rioting and looting and arson that has hit Kenosha, Wisc., and other cities in the wake of Jacob Blake’s death, and in it, he condemns the needless violence — stunning and brave, to be sure — and also accuses Chauvin of murder. That’s his right, of course, but if he can wait to condemn the riots, maybe he could wait for the trial?

And then there’s the matter of medical examiner’s report on George Floyd, which reveals the number of drugs in his system and concludes that if Floyd were found dead in his home, the doctor said he would conclude that it was an overdose death.

Good on Biden, though, for finally coming out and condemning the rioting, though.

And Black Lives Matter was born under the Obama administration. And the cop who shot and killed Mike Brown was cleared by the Obama Justice Department, so maybe take it easy with the “M” word.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton thinks Biden sounds pretty biased against the police:

C’mon man, get out of the basement and properly address this “needless violence” that’s been ravaging cities for months now.


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