As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, a Black Lives Matter mob descended on diners on a D.C. sidewalk and intimidated almost everybody into raising their fist in solidarity. Despite being bullied, one woman held out and refused to participate despite being bullied by some pasty white kids who weren’t exactly practicing social distancing.

Chuck Modiano describes himself as a justice journalist and a sports writer for Ted Cruz’s website, Deadspin.

Go with that feeling.

Here’s Modiano doing some mobsplaining:

Whoa, hold on for a second so we can process this. Is Modiano admitting that the Black Lives Matter mob intimidating a bunch of restaurant patrons takes the attention away from Jacob Blake, the man who was shot, and puts it on their behavior instead?

At least the kid wasn’t wearing a MAGA hat or they probably would have assaulted him too and stolen it.


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