Nathan Irons Roberts (he/him) says in his Twitter bio that he’s a progressive pastor and community activist. Over the weekend, he posted a selfie of the mob that assembled in the driveway of Minneapolis police union leader Bob Kroll and his wife, journalist Liz Collin. Looks like some people from CAIR showed up as well. (They even had matching “Bob KKKroll Must Go” T-shirts made up.)


Since CNN’s media watchdogs Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy (and Jim Acosta) are always telling us what a dangerous time it is to be a journalist in America, maybe they could weigh in on this attack on a reporter?


Bring Me the News reports:

The protest was organized by the Racial Justice Network, and not Black Lives Matter as has been widely reported by Twin Cities media. The Racial Justice Network is a grassroots organization which is led by Twin Cities activist Nekima Levy-Armstrong.

In response to the criticism over the Collin piñata, she had this to say on Twitter:

That makes it OK, then.


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