We heard the gender-neutral term “Latinx” thrown around quite a bit during the Democratic primaries, but a new study from Pew Research says 76 percent of adult Latinos hadn’t heard the term, and only 3 percent actually use it to describe themselves. And of those who have heard the term, 65 percent don’t think it should be used to describe Hispanics or Latinos.



NBC Hispanic looked at the study and asked if Latinx if “catching on”:

Raul A. Reyes reports:

Latinx is a gender-neutral term for people of Latin American heritage. By dropping the traditional –o or –a ending at the end of the root word ‘Latin,’ Latinx includes those who identify outside the gender binary, such as transgender people and those who are gender fluid.

For Angelica Peña, a writer in her early 20s based in San Diego, Latinx is a term that members of her generation appreciate because it signifies inclusivity.

“As Latinos, we face our share of marginalization and oppression, and this is a way to band together. It is a way for the community to identify with something larger than our individual selves,” said Peña.

“This is a way to band together.”

To sound woke, duh.