The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein was doing a piece on President Trump’s reelection chances and how they’d soar if he’d just get out of his own way, but while he was researching Trump’s ego, he came across something that surprised him: Democrats and Obama alumni were sympathetic to how Sarah Palin was treated when she was John McCain’s running mate. Of course, Democrats and Obama alumni also feel bad about how they treated candidate Mitt Romney; the guy who put the dog carrier on the car roof and gave someone cancer is now among their best friends. It always works that way.

To be fair, those are about the only pro-Palin comments in response to Stein’s tweets; many people want to make it clear they have no sympathy for that “crazy snowbilly.”

Exactly. We’ve already seen pieces in the mainstream media about how the Trump campaign is ready to “pounce” on whoever is picked to run with Joe Biden. But if the Left can show they’re sorry how Palin was treated, it would be unfair for Trump’s campaign to go after a female running mate.

Democrats aren’t known for their transparency, but this gambit is pretty transparent.