As Twitchy reported, the Trump campaign this week asked the Commission on Presidential Debates to either add a fourth debate or move up the final debate to early September so there would be at least one before early voting kicked in in many states. That request was rejected and, you know, we didn’t hear the Biden camp complain at all, seeing how anxious Joe Biden has claimed he is to debate Trump.

It was CNN’s media hall monitor Brian Stelter who called the last couple weeks’ op-eds and cable news hits arguing that the debates be scrapped “mostly a right-wing media tempest,” which was odd considering that even CNN ran a piece by Joe Lockhart practically begging Biden not to debate.

Earlier this week, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler made the argument that a fourth debate wasn’t necessary as polls showed most people had already made up their minds which, if true, means there’s no point in having any debates.

As much as many people would love to see the debates scrapped, a lot of us want to see Joe Biden without a teleprompter or earpiece for 90 minutes.

No, it’s Fox News and the right-wing media that’s pushing the idea of scrapping the debates.


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