It was 2014 when then-Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown of “Hands up, don’t shoot!” fame in Ferguson, Missouri. On Thursday, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell announced that the county would not press charges against Wilson.

The Associated Press reports:

Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell’s decision marked the third time prosecutors investigated and opted not to charge Darren Wilson, the white officer who fatally shot Brown, a Black 18-year-old, on Aug. 9, 2014. A St. Louis County grand jury declined to indict Wilson in November 2014, and the U.S. Department of Justice also declined to charge him in March 2015.

Civil rights leaders and Brown’s parents had hoped that Bell, the county’s first Black prosecutor who took office in January 2019, would see things differently.

“The question for this office was a simple one: Could we prove beyond a reasonable doubt that when Darren Wilson shot Micheal Brown he committed murder or manslaughter under Missouri law? After an independent and in-depth review of the evidence, we cannot prove that he did,” Bell said.

The “hands up, don’t shoot” myth has been so pervasive that Michigan Gov. Gretchen “Lockdown” Whitmer led a chant as she marched in a George Floyd protest in June, even though Floyd hadn’t been shot.