As Twitchy reported, there was a hearing Tuesday in which Democratic members of Congress heard themselves berate Attorney General William Barr; there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for Barr himself to be heard among all the grandstanding.

We didn’t watch the complete hearing, but at one point, Barr must have made the point that 90 percent of black homicides are committed by other blacks. Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler stepped in to provide some important context, in that the same percentage goes for white homicides perpetrated by other whites.

For backup, Kessler reaches all the way back to the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and a comment by Rudy Giuliani that 93 percent of blacks are killed by other blacks; “The implication was that the so-called black-on-black crime was far more common than white-on-black crime, so the attention should be paid on the former.”

Giuliani responded by citing a statistic from a 2010 Bureau of Justice Statistics report which did, indeed, conclude that 93 percent of black homicide victims from 1980 through 2008 were killed by black offenders. The statement implied that intraracial violence in black communities is uniquely bad. Giuliani later repeated this statistic in a FOX News interview.

As our colleague Philip Bump at The Fix noted, Giuliani omitted the comparable statistic in the report for white homicide victims: 84 percent of white victims were killed by white offenders.

So what Barr said was essentially true? Does that earn him two Pinocchios?


So how many Pinocchios does Barr get for a true statement?


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