CNN’s Jake Tapper really plays himself in this video clip. He’s upset with Rep. Jim Jordan showing footage of rioting and looting along with clips of journalists calling it “peaceful protest.”

Tapper called out Jordan by showing CNN reporters’ comments in context, and they didn’t call the riots peaceful protests; no, when reporting on the rioting and arson and vandalism and looting, the reporters called the protests “largely peaceful during the day.” Better yet, though, was CNN’s Dianne Gallagher in a split-screen showing a huge building fully engulfed in flames and calling the protests “mostly peaceful” and “for the most part … peaceful.” OK, they did say at night there was some violence and confrontation.

We can take or leave Tapper, but there’s a reason “mostly peaceful” has become a joke — because no matter what happens, if they deem the cause just, the protests are mostly peaceful to the media. Sure, people were killed in the rioting following George Floyd’s death, but the protests were mostly peaceful.

So Tapper’s upset because Jordan called out the “mostly peaceful” canard that shields the networks from having to broadcast the rioting?


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