The word has gone out — unless the media can land on something better to cover before Monday, we might be hearing a lot about the so-called Portland kidnappings in next week’s news cycle. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Friday night had on as a guest Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who talked about President Trump’s “paramilitary invasion” of her state.

And as Twitchy reported, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already on board, calling out Trump’s “stormtroopers” who were meeting First Amendment speech with “one-sided violence” and “kidnapping” protesters.

George Washington University’s Jonathan Turley weighed in on the disconnect in some of the coverage, which as we’ve pointed out, all points to a paramilitary invasion of the State of Oregon.

Those “protesters” sure seem to have it in for the federal courthouse:

As Pelosi said, it’s just graffiti.

What crisis? They’re just exercising their First Amendment rights, after all.

Watch Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler ask for federal funding to rebuild all that’s been destroyed in over a month of rioting.


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