This came across our Twitter feed a few days ago and we set it aside as an oddity … did someone approach the Los Angeles times with a pitch about racism in improv comedy troupes, or did the idea just come to some reporter who went out looking for it?

And we all know that the Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade are made up of Trump-supporting white supremacists.

“The Whitelings”? Was that the caliber of comedy we should expect?

As we said, we set it aside as a curiosity, but then we noticed Thursday that the Washington Post was on the hunt for racism in classical music.

Hold on — the same day the Washington Post blew the lid off classical music, the New York Times was making the connection between the coronavirus, opera, and systemic racism:

“Opera can no longer ignore its race problem” and “long-simmering issues of representation.”

It is beginning to sound a bit contrived.