There’s really nothing we want from CNN, but if we had to pick something, it would be that the channel report the news. No more grandstanding by Jim Acosta, no more lectures from Don Lemon, no more giant Q-Tips or fake resurrection videos from Chris Cuomo, and no more hall monitoring of Fox News by Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy. Just tell us what happened, if that’s too much to ask.

What’s happening, apparently, is a lot to do with race and policing, and CNN President Jeff Zucker reportedly sent out a memo Monday declaring that the news channel would form “a new and expanded race team” to deal with coverage of race as well as policing.

They are very questionable terms, but if they come from Jeff Zucker, we’re inclined to believe they’re actual quotes.

Well, Russia. But we get the point.

That sounds like a good deal — make sure the race team notes who’s been running the cities they end up covering.


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