We hope that sociopathic Harvard grad never finds out who put up a sign reading, “The safety of all lives matter,” or she’ll stab him in the face to teach him a lesson about how hateful those three words are when strung together.

We thought that story about the cops looking for whoever left a tire track in a Pride-themed crosswalk was stupid, but this might edge it out. The Daily Caller reports that the mayor of a small town in Massachusetts has apologized and will get to the bottom of whoever illuminated a caution sign with the words “all lives matter.”

Let’s hope the mayor tracks down the white supremacist who put up that sign.

Seriously? It makes us all less safe? Um, how?

This is hate speech, purely and simply.

The Daily Caller reports that an investigation turned up the culprit:

“Preliminarily, the officer reported to me that he did not post the message with either malicious or political intent,” [Melrose Police Chief Michael L.] Lyle continued in his statement. “The officer, by his account, was trying to type a traffic safety message in the limited space offered by the electronic sign and did not realize the totality or impact of the words he had posted.”

We hope his weeks at re-education camp will show him the totality of the words he posted. Damn racist cops.