Here’s something we knew was going on, but now new filings show the extent. The New York Post on Tuesday reported that Rep. Ilhan Omar has paid her new husband’s consulting firm $878,000 over the past two years.

Of course, she’s saying it’s right-wing misinformation; that’s her get out of jail card for all her shenanigans, including those questionable campaign finance dealings and her immigration status.

Ebony Bowden reports:

The payments between the Minneapolis Democratic congresswoman and Tim Mynett prompted at least one ethics complaint in 2019 after The Post first revealed allegations — made by Mynett’s then-wife in her divorce filing — that Omar was having an affair with the member of her political consulting team, who was at the time married to another woman. Omar was married to her second husband at the time.

But that doesn’t appear to have stopped the now-married couple, with Mynett’s E Street Group collecting $292,814.99 from his wife’s campaign this year for digital advertising, fundraising consulting and research services, according to the Federal Election Commission filings.

In total, Mynett has received a whopping $878,930.65 from Omar’s campaign since he began working for her in 2018, raising eyebrows among watchdogs and political law experts who say the practice is rife with cronyism.

We’re not political law experts, but we’d say the practice is rife with cronyism.


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