So far we’ve heard President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech described by the press as jaw-dropping, divisive, dark, and dystopian, and there have been more hot takes than we could ever cover here. CNN’s Chris Cillizza decided to devote his analysis Saturday to listing the “28 most outrageous lines” from Trump’s speech, and Destructive Chemistry decided to take each one apart.

“This is the only time Trump mentions the coronavirus pandemic, which hit a record number of cases nationwide on Friday, during the entire speech.” Outrageous indeed!

2. “I am here as your President to proclaim, before the country and before the world, this monument will never be desecrated.”

At least two tribal leaders have called for it to come down, though one doesn’t want to just “blow it up” because of the environmental damage.

We’ll get to Bret Weinstein in a bit.

Seriously, check out Outrageous Statement No. 28:

28. “I love your state. I love this country.”

Thanks, Destructive Chemistry for reading that for us.

Also, as we said above, we’ve had a Bret “Professor in Exile” Weinstein tweet set aside but never got around to a post, but it’s dead-on:



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