As Twitchy reported, a lot of media outlets left a lot of context out of their headlines about the husband and wife attorneys who brandished weapons after Black Lives Matter protesters broke down an iron gate to march through their private street on their way to the mayor’s home.

It seems a couple dozen of the McCloskeys’ neighbors were cool with a mob — uh, peaceful protesters — breaking into their neighborhood and threatening their neighbors; police investigating the incident said they were looking at it as a case of “fourth-degree assault by intimidation” — by the protesters. When the mob comes onto your private property, especially in a state with a castle doctrine, your right to bear arms is protected.

That doesn’t mean the neighbors approved, and a couple dozen signed a letter decrying the “horrific event” and saying that they condemned the behavior of anyone “who uses threats of violence, especially through the brandishing of firearms, to disrupt a peaceful protest.” If they’re so upset about threats of violence, when are the “peaceful” protesters who threatened the couple going to get their letter?

It’s too bad the cops razed CHOP or the residents of historic Westmoreland Place in St. Louis could have moved there and really supported the protesters.


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