Actor Dean Cain of “Lois and Clark” fame is trending on Twitter Thursday night after doing a Fox News segment with Ainsley Earhardt in which he said that today, Superman wouldn’t even be able to say, “truth, justice, and the American way.” He’s got a point — you might recall way back in 2006 when “Superman Returns” was released that a character asked if Superman still stood for “truth, justice, and all that stuff.” Maybe that was just changed to appeal to the international market, or maybe not.

For some reason, CNN’s Jake Tapper decided to add some really out-of-the-blue context to Cain’s appearance on Fox News:

Thanks so much for that helpful note, Tapper. Did you happen to have Adam Schiff on your show this afternoon, speaking of sources?

Ethan Van Sciver, a comic book artist who’s worked with both DC and Marvel Comics, went to the U.S. Code to prove that, yes, Superman, though an alien, would be considered an American citizen:


This editor’s so old, he owned a copy of “Superman” in which an IRS agent went after him for not paying taxes, so he squeezed a bunch of coal into diamonds to pay them. If being hassled by the IRS isn’t American, what is?