Breaking 911 reports Monday that witness accounts that San Diego police shot an unarmed man in the back are proved to be contradicted by several videos of the incident that the San Diego Police Department released on YouTube.

If you look at the replies to the San Diego Police Department tweet showing the gun recovered at the scene, it’s just one person after another saying, “Release the body cam footage.”

Police did release both officers’ body cam footage that same day, as well as video from a couple of surveillance cameras.


Breaking 911 reports:

Two San Diego Police Department officers have been placed on paid leave after they shot and wounded a robbery suspect who pointed a gun at one of the officers during a confrontation in downtown Saturday night.

The suspect, Hurtado Ibarra, 25, of San Diego, suffered life-threatening injuries. He was hospitalized in an intensive care unit.

Here’s the video the police posted to their YouTube channel:

Nice gun, by the way.

Looks like the people of San Diego were holding off on the riots until the body cam footage was posted, so good for them. We also wonder if Joe Biden will pop up and ask if the police couldn’t have just shot the “unarmed” man in the leg or something.


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