We can’t tell you how many tweets we’ve seen about people certain President Trump will not leave the Oval Office willingly if he loses the election in November. It’s projection at its finest — these are the same people who liked Hillary Clinton’s tweet about the importance of accepting the results of an election and then joined the Resistance and worked for Trump’s impeachment from Day 1.

We don’t know what the Washington Post’s Robert Costa was thinking when he asked John “I Have a Book to Sell” Bolton if there would be a peaceful transition of power were Joe Biden to win in November, but Bolton went ahead and threw some more gasoline on the fire, saying nothing was certain in the Trump administration.

It’s just proof that TDS can infect anyone.

The narrative a couple of years ago is that Trump didn’t actually want to be president and didn’t think he’d win but then got stuck with the gig. Now the military under President Biden is going to have to remove him from the White House forcibly.

Let’s hope the transfer of power is as “peaceful” as it was from the Obama administration:

It’s infuriating to see Bolton entertaining Resistance fan-fiction like this to sell maybe another copy of his book.