OK, so about the handcuffs … in its write-up Tuesday of Monday night’s ugly protests in Lafayette Square after vandals failed to topple the statue of Andrew Jackson, the Daily Caller says reporter Shelby Talcott was handcuffed “because she was behind the police line,” where cops had pulled her to safety after the mob saw she was recording.

“They probably saved me from getting my ass beat,” Talcott said.

Here’s some video from Daily Caller’s field reporter:

As someone mentioned Monday night, where are White House correspondents Jim Acosta and Brian Karem? Don’t you think they’d like to be on the front lines for the story of the year? Or would they rather just complain about the seats in the Rose Garden not being the CDC-recommended distance apart?

It’s amazing, too, how all of the media watchdogs like Brian Stelter who get the vapors whenever President Trump “attacks” a news outlet never go to bat for these street reporters who are literally being attacked for trying to cover a news event.


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