Well, this is something. As Twitchy recently reported, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced that former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe would face 11 charges in connection with the deadly shooting of Rayshard Brooks, including felony murder, which could net him life in prison or the death penalty if found guilty.

Rolfe’s attorneys will certainly argue that Rolfe fired in self-defense, as Brooks, in a scuffle with Rolfe and another officer, managed to grab the officer’s Taser and run off. He’s seen on surveillance video from Wendy’s turning around at one point and pointing something at the officers, presumably the Taser.

Whether or not that justifies Rolfe firing on Brooks will be decided in court, but as Greg Price notes, just a couple of weeks ago Howard was explaining to the press that a Taser is considered a deadly weapon in Georgia, but during his presser today, he said that at no time did Brooks pose a threat.

Exactly. People are going to want to see that conviction on felony murder, and when they don’t get it, that’s when things get ugly.

They probably won’t walk on all charges, but felony murder … no way.

Good question.