It seems people have had no problem toppling statues, or cutting off their heads in some cases. We even had a professor on Twitter give detailed instructions on how the Washington Monument could be pulled over. But it looks like Popular Mechanics wanted to get in on the fun and decided to ask some scientists the best way to bring down racist statues using science.

Say you don’t have a large enough team to use the brute physical approach; try this recipe:

Maybe you’re operating with an even smaller team—or, bless your soul, toppling the statue all by yourself. In that case, your best bet is melting the damn thing. So let’s make a thermite reaction.

“The formula is very simple,” says Chris Harrison, a chemistry professor at San Diego State University. “It’s 3:1 by mass of rust and aluminum powder. You mix those together and use a piece of magnesium to use as a high temperature fuse. And if you don’t have one, you could use a sparkler.”

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The very scientific March for Science thought its followers would be interested in these tips: