NBC 7 in San Diego is reporting that a San Diego Gas and Electric employee was fired after a stranger posted to Twitter a photo of the man making the white power symbol with his hand while in a company truck. Emmanuel Cafferty says he was just cracking his knuckles, but he was suspended and a few days later, fired.

This story is amazing and frightening:

It all started about two weeks ago near a Black Lives Matter rally in Poway when Emmanuel Cafferty, a San Diego Gas and Electric employee, encountered a stranger on the roadway.

The stranger followed Cafferty and took a picture of him as his arm hung out the window of his company truck.

The picture made the rounds on Twitter accompanied by a claim Cafferty was making a “white power” hand gesture made popular by white supremacists groups.

NBC 7 spoke to the man who originally posted the picture on Twitter. He has since deleted his account and said he may have gotten “spun up” about the interaction and misinterpreted it. He says he never intended for Cafferty to lose his job.

Ah, well, if he never intended to cost the man his job by posting a photo on Twitter then everything’s OK.

We’d love to say that the company performed an investigation and gave the man his job back, but apparently not: “We conducted a good faith and thorough investigation that included gathering relevant information and multiple interviews, and took appropriate action.”


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