Word is that attorney Clark Brewster, who represented Stormy Daniels (better than Michael Avenatti did, we hope), has filed a lawsuit to require those attending President Trump’s upcoming campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to wear masks and social distance, claiming that the rally will increase the spread of the coronavirus.

That might not sound like a big story, but KTUL in Tulsa originally reported that the suit was to shut down the rally:

That’s kind of a big correction … but with the number of people trying to get tickets to the rally, we doubt there’s going to be any more social distancing than there was at the Black Trans Lives Matter rally in Brooklyn.

KTUL reports:

Tulsa attorney Clark Brewster filed a lawsuit Tuesday afternoon to compel the BOK Center’s operator to use coronavirus safety measures for Saturday’s rally with President Donald Trump.

Brewster said he wants venue management company ASM Global to mandate the use of face masks and social distancing rules for all rally attendees and for the people working at the BOK Center that day.

Brewster said this isn’t about trying to get the president’s rally canceled, but it’s an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Doesn’t Brewster know that the George Floyd protests cured COVID-19? Maybe those were OK because they were being held outside in the fresh air — not that that stopped some clown from dressing like the Grim Reaper and stalking Florida’s beaches.

The thing is, we weren’t even surprised at the first, incorrect headline about him trying to get the rally canceled … that actually seemed a lot more plausible.


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