First things first: Apparently the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, is now the Capitol Hill Ongoing Protest, or CHOP. The residents of CHOP had already staked out their territory by managing to drive the police out of their precinct and erecting barricades around their autonomous zone, and now Brandi Kruse of Q13 Fox News is reporting that they’re adding wood around the concrete barriers so that people can decorate them. In other words, the concrete barriers aren’t going anywhere soon.

If they’re truly autonomous, why do they need to allow access to external emergency responders? It was pretty ironic that on the first or second day of their occupation they had to call in the fire department to put out a literal dumpster fire.

And again we ask: Did the people who live and work in the CHOP zone have any say in being annexed by a bunch of extremist protesters? Why are we not impressed with this “important step toward coexistence” with the city helping out?

They seem to have already used up all of the wall space inside CHOP with graffiti like, “Kill pigs: Eat bacon for brekkie.”

It’s pretty obvious that Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is going to assist however she can with the “summer of love” going on, and Gov. Jay Inslee has proved to be clueless about the whole thing.

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Apparently the concrete barriers being placed by the Seattle Department of Transportation were not to the liking of CHOP leadership:


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