This is some great trolling by the Trump campaign. The Democratic nominee has earned the name “Hidin’ Biden” for not leaving his basement studio (complete with a teleprompter) and doing more campaign events out in the world. Of course, that would only produce more soundbites like “You ain’t black” and “Vote for the other guy” so the Trump campaign says it’s fully on board with Joe Biden’s request for more media coverage.

Here’s the full statement:

We formally join Joe Biden’s campaign in their call for the national news media, particularly cable and broadcast television outlets, to carry Biden’s remarks and unscripted events in their entirety. The failure to expose the American people to these rambling displays of incoherence, ineptitude, and forgetfulness is depriving voters of a clear picture of Biden’s inability to execute the duties of the office he seeks. Stop protecting Biden. Air the events.

Even Biden would have to admit that the COVID-19 pandemic has done him a big favor and let him have just about total control of when and where he appears — and when he does come out of the basement, we get him rambling with his coronavirus mask flopped over his ear.

We’ve been waiting for the Trump campaign to get a little savage.


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