The White House Correspondents’ Association has announced the winners of its 2020 WHCA journalism awards, and CNN has taken home the “MERRIMAN SMITH MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PRESIDENTIAL NEWS COVERAGE UNDER DEADLINE PRESSURE FOR BROADCAST” for parking outside Roger Stone’s house at 5 a.m. so they could film the armed, no-knock FBI raid on the elderly man’s home.

The judges report:

CNN’s viewers saw the raid unfold in real time, the product of a team or reporters, producers and photojournalists tracking the investigation over months, connecting the dots and scooping the rest of the press corps. They even scooped Stone’s own lawyers, who only found out when CNN called for a comment. In addition to the exclusive video, the team produced a compelling, supportive package that explained the charges against Stone. On deadline.

They did that a long time ago.

Also winning an award was Doug Mills of the New York Times, who captured the famous “Pelosi clap.”

The Speaker of the House lets the nation know exactly what she thinks of Trump as she claps with outstretched arms, tilting her head with a smirk across her face. The image brilliantly displays the tension, the personal animus and the power clash among branches of government that tells the story of this time and of this presidency. As the coronavirus story has developed, and we have witnessed the ongoing competition and crisis in Washington, it remains a vivid and relevant illustration of the fundamental discord and dysfunction that has attended this unprecedented, deeply polarized time.


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