The Washington Post published a piece a couple of days ago revealing that millennials “have faced the worst economic odds,” making them “the unluckiest generation in U.S. history.” Now the United States could still be considered a relatively young country, but U.S. history covers a lot of ground.

Andrew Van Dam writes:

After accounting for the present crisis, the average millennial has experienced slower economic growth since entering the workforce than any other generation in U.S. history.

Millennials will bear these economic scars the rest of their lives, in the form of lower earnings, lower wealth and delayed milestones, such as homeownership.

The losses are particularly acute on the jobs front. A few brutal months of the coronavirus set the labor market back to the turn of the millennium.

Our Twitter research indicates that Gen Z is the unluckiest generation in American history, at least any time the subject of rent comes up, or the possibility of ever owning a home or starting a family.


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