As Twitchy reported earlier, Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to be helped up by an aide after kneeling for 8 minutes and 46 seconds with other Congressional Democrats. She blamed the heels of her designer shoes and laughed, which was certainly a fitting tribute to George Floyd and his fatal ordeal with the Minneapolis police. So somber, so serious.

What we didn’t mention in that earlier post was the kente cloth worn around the shoulders of each Democrat.

Yes, it was a photo-op when President Trump held up a Bible at St. John’s Church, but who knew cameras were going to be here to immortalize this?

No worries … someone took care of that:

Which Senate intern’s job was it to run out and but enough kente cloths for the photo-op?

Author Hotep Jesus came right out and called it “political blackface.”

Here’s author Obianuju Ekeocha:

Remember this the next time Pelosi complains about a photo-op.