Every day on Twitchy there seems to be a daily narrative, and Monday’s is all about calls to defund the police from activists, politicians, and activist politicians. Joe Biden’s campaign put out a statement putting some distance between Biden and defunding the police. Sally Kohn utilized some dizzying spin to turn abolishing the police into “rethinking and reimagining public safety.” Al Sharpton warned that people might misinterpret calls to defund the police, and PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor did some activist tweeting by adding “some needed context”: “Activists calling for defunding the police are not always calling for dismantling departments.”

In other words, “defund the police” is getting some actual play in places like Minneapolis and Democrats know it’s a losing issue. Even House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn warned Democrats on a conference call not to get caught up in the debate over defunding police forces.

And undercutting grassroots leaders would be what the Biden campaign’s statement did.

It seems to be morphing into “reimagine the police.”

The base wants police departments defunded, dismantled, and even abolished. If Democrats don’t want to be drawn into the debate, they’re going to tick off a lot of angry voters who thought real change was in the cards this time.


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