We all know it: There would be no media coverage whatsoever of hydroxychloroquine if President Trump hadn’t tweeted that it could be a “game-changer” in the fight against the coronavirus. That put the media on alert to try to discredit the treatment, while Trump doubled down and asked why not try it? “Because it could kill you” was the response from the media.

As Twitchy reported Wednesday, medical journal The Lancet issued “an Expression of Concern” that there were serious questions about the potentially damaging effects of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine to coronavirus patients. The New England Journal of Medicine also said that “substantive concerns had been raised” about the quality of the information in the database used in the study.

Now, a day later, The Lancet has fully retracted the study, citing concerns with the data provided by a corporation called Surgisphere.

As Iowahawk pointed out Wednesday in his CliffsNotes version of the story, Surgisphere, the sole source of data in the study, is a five-person company, only one of whom has any medical background, though The Guardian reported that two of the other employees are a science fiction writer and a male model for hire.

Again, we wouldn’t be playing this game at all if not for the media and the Resistance trying to get in another “gotcha” at the president.

That is all correct.

Yep; all of the mainstream media outlets that reported on it have now moved on to other shinier objects. They’ll never update their reporting.

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