This piece in The Nation is ostensibly linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is so two weeks ago. The pandemic is straining the concept of the family, and it’s time to break it and … replace it with something way better.

The piece is by Sophie Lewis, and you’d never guess, but she’s a feminist theorist based in Philadelphia and the author of “Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family.” So with what are we to replace the family? Maybe we’re just being obtuse here, but we still picture the family as a man and a woman living with the children they had together. Sure there are other forms, but it seems to have formed organically. Lewis explains:

Amid the turmoil of Covid, unsurprisingly, oracular thinkers of the home and household are suddenly in high demand. I have received a dozen requests myself, for comment on the future of domestic arrangements, post-pandemic. This is because, in March 2019, the leftist publishing house Verso Books launched my book Full Surrogacy Now, a call for “the gestational commune,” which I hoped might contribute to a revival of queer utopianism inspired by the Marxist rallying cry “Abolish the family.”

Our idea is to rethink presently existing family forms; this means, to quote [Michelle] O’Brien, “preservation and emancipation of the genuine love and care proletarian people have found with each other in the midst of hardship: the fun and joy of eroticism; the intimacy of parenting and romance.”

She’s serious that she’s received a dozen requests for this?

Like the Democrats keep saying, the COVID-19 pandemic has created some great opportunities for them, though we didn’t see the destruction of the family as one.