First, we completely agree with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany when she reminds CNN’s Jim Acosta that President Trump acknowledged the hitting of the 100,000-death milestone from the COVID-19 pandemic by ordering flags flown at half-staff; meanwhile, Acosta (and probably Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter) were monitoring his Twitter feed to see if he’d mention it the moment it was hit. We know it was like the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve for the mainstream media, but yes, the president did acknowledge it.

Better still, though, is McEnany responding to Acosta’s accounting of Trump’s lies by listing a slew of fake news stories, including ones from CNN (though our favorite is still that video from a Kentucky shooting range that became a battle in Syria somehow on ABC). Note also that Acosta doesn’t refute a single fake news story that McEnany cites.

This is pretty awesome:

They all do. It’s like a game show where you have to ask your question in the form of an accusation.