We’d learned recently that one-time Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar was being vetted for the gig of Joe Biden’s vice president, but word is going around on Twitter that Klobuchar once failed to prosecute Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer caught on video with his knee on George Floyd’s neck. Floyd later died in custody, sparking days of protests and looting in the city.

So what’s the story here? Alan MacLeod of Mint Press News says that Klobuchar failed to prosecute Chauvin when he shot someone.

Sound like it totally could have happened, but we weren’t there.

You have to read a bit into the story to find this bit: “To be fair to Klobuchar, the [Wayne] Reyes shooting happened in October 2006, as her time as state prosecutor was coming to an end and she was campaigning for the senate. By the time Chauvin’s case finally made it to a grand jury, she had relinquished her role.”

Klobuchar’s communications director stepped in to remind everyone that Klobuchar wasn’t a prosecutor when the case involving Chauvin went before a grand jury.

Some people are blaming Klobuchar for “punting” and sending the case to a grand jury, who heard the case after she’d been elected to the Senate. The New York Times reported back in May after a Democratic debate:

At the same time she was ramping up sentences, Ms. Klobuchar was also building a tight relationship with law enforcement, which is common for prosecutors. Some civil rights leaders say that skewed her other priorities, and explains why Ms. Klobuchar did not file charges in more than two-dozen police-involved deaths on her watch. She referred those cases to a grand jury instead, angering relatives of some victims who saw it as a way of avoiding responsibility while keeping the process hidden.

So Chauvin did cross Klobuchar’s radar, but a grand jury had taken over by the time she’d been sworn in as senator.

Yeah, we’d need to see a fact-check on that.

If this (partial) story gets legs, it very well could disqualify Klobuchar from the VP slot. Look at how the “Kamala was a cop” meme took off.