We thought things were bad when CNN staged its live emergence of Chris Cuomo from his basement like it was Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s vault. Then they invited even more clowns to the circus by having Cuomo do some good old-fashioned prop comedy making fun of the size of older brother Andrew Cuomo’s nostrils. Those brothers sure do seem to be having a good time despite one having been COVID-19 positive and the other responsible for countless nursing home deaths.

Even The Atlantic has done a piece on it:

Peter J. Hasson of the Daily Caller News Foundation claims that there are people inside CNN who are bothered by Cuomo continually interviewing Cuomo without asking him about those nursing home deaths.

Give us the name of one good and honest person at CNN.

We’d buy that there are good and honest people who are hired by CNN and then … turn.

We still don’t understand how President Trump is supposed to shoulder the blame for 100,000 deaths while Andrew Cuomo gets a free pass.


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