We’ll post it again, because it’s one of the most passive-aggressive, mean-girl things we’ve ever seen among so-called professionals, the few chosen to sit inside the White House briefing room and ask questions of the president’s press secretary or the president himself. Remember when some brave soul left this anonymous note on the desk of Chanel Rion of OANN?

That question could be asked of every single journalist in the room, but did you catch CNN watchdog Oliver Darcy calling Rion a “personality” and not a reporter? And then the White House Correspondents’ Association got her kicked out for not properly “social distancing” — as in, you can’t sit at our table?

Claire McCaskill is fed up, and after Kayleigh McEnany was asked if President Trump was thinking of pardoning Barack Obama, McCaskill let loose.

For God’s sake, please stop calling everyone else in the room anything else than a DNC stenographer.

Maybe Darcy will slip a note about Claire McCaskill attacking the press in his buddy’s “Reliable Souces” newsletter.


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