We’ve been so used to hearing about attacks on the press that we’d almost forgotten about attacks on the judiciary. As Twitchy reported earlier, a three-person appeals court panel gave Judge Emmet Sullivan ten days to put his cards on the table and explain his handling of the Department of Justice’s motion to drop its case against Michael Flynn.

One of those judges was an Obama appointee, but never mind that; Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse thought it would be a good idea to smear Judge Neomi Rao and then hit “Tweet.” You see, Rao was appointed by President Trump to replace Brett Kavanaugh, whose yearbook Whitehouse still pores over at night alone in his office looking for proof he was a gang rapist.

We will watch this space, believe us.


Maybe he’ll have an intern dig up Rao’s high school yearbook so he can dig through it for Trumpy dirt.


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