We know that conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin is rooting hard for Joe Biden to win the 2020 election, and she’s been lobbying for Stacey Abrams for some time now. Last April, when the Democratic nomination was still up for grabs, Rubin wrote a column titled, “Let’s help Stacey Abrams make the right choice,” and gave Abrams some advice on how she should run for President of the United States and not in the next U.S. Senate race.

And when Abrams said last August she’d be open to filling the VP slot, Rubin actually tweeted, “YIPEEE!!!”

So we know Rubin is an Abrams fangirl, but now, of course, she’s concerned that Republicans might try to sink Abrams’ chances at becoming Joe Biden’s vice president (though we’re not sure Republicans would be too upset by a Biden-Abrams ticket). Of course, the concern over conservatives revolves around race: Abrams is an African American woman who won’t accept the legitimacy of elections won through voter suppression, even though left-leaning fact-checking sites will tell you there was record turnout.

Lord knows she refuses to be humbled by her loss to Brian Kemp by 55,000 votes — after all, it was only through voter suppression that he won.

How about that tweet: “Gosh, what could be behind the right’s hatred of Stacey Abrams: Racism is never far below the surface.”

Her own paper’s fact-checker has debunked the claim.

Maybe those evil white men share Jennifer Rubin’s old conviction that people running for president and vice president should have some experience.


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