As Twitchy has reported, in light of new documents coming forward in the Michael Flynn case, such as the FBI’s notes on the purpose of his interview, the Department of Justice has moved to have the charge against Flynn dropped. Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, however, has gone to some extraordinary measures, including opening up the case to public comment and appointing a retired judge to review the case to see if Flynn can be prosecuted for contempt of court for perjury. In other words, Sullivan isn’t letting the case drop quietly.

Sen. Tom Cotton posted a short thread Thursday asking why the judge was making up new rules, such as appointing his own “prosecutor,” to railroad Flynn.

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate Cotton putting those quotation marks around “private” and “leaked.” Amazing how the audio of a private phone call between former President Obama and former administration officials was “obtained” by Yahoo News.

Well said.

Yeah, Obama’s been keeping awfully quiet even while his former vice president has been campaigning for his old job. But now he speaks up.

Is there something Obama doesn’t want out there?


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