We’ll never not get a chuckle out of CNN’s Brian Stelter naming his book about Fox News “Hoax” — this is the same guy who complained that the migrant caravan was a hoax and was thousands of miles away and nothing to be concerned about.

We’re not surprised the mainstream media isn’t all over the newly declassified list of Obama administration officials who sought to have Michael Flynn unmasked; check out the numbers:

Stelter obviously doesn’t want to cover the unmasking story — maybe he’ll put a line in his newsletter once the Democrats settle on a talking point — and he’s obviously upset that No. 1 Fox News is covering #Obamagate instead of the COVID-19 pandemic around the clock. Fortunately, he found a soulmate on Twitter Wednesday who agreed that the pandemic was the real story:

We’d be willing to bet a lot of money that Obama is VERY interested in how the investigation into his administration’s spying on the Trump campaign is coming along; he’s just not letting on. Contemplate how enormous an effort it was for him to dirty his nails and weigh in (not on Twitter or via a statement but through a “leaked” telephone call) on the Justice Department seeking to drop the charge against Flynn. He’s interested.

They help each other: Barack Obama retweets the media’s criticisms of the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus, and the media agrees to cover only the coronavirus and ignore #Obamagate.


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