As Twitchy reported, even an Atlantic staffer was quick to distance himself from an opinion piece in The Atlantic by two professors arguing that “significant speech control is an inevitable component of a ‘mature and flourishing internet.'” In the piece, the two argued that, in the debate over freedom vs. control of the internet, “China was largely correct, and the U.S. was wrong.”

Now Stephen Miller has noted that CNN is providing a somewhat similar analysis in a piece entitled, “China’s model of control has been blamed for the coronavirus crisis, but for some it’s looking increasingly attractive.”

James Griffiths writes for CNN:

Just as crises around fake news and online disinformation have made it easier for China to push its model of internet sovereignty — one that has been happily embraced by those governments already keen to censor online dissent — so too has the current pandemic provided an opportunity and an excuse to pursue the type of authoritarian power exercised by Beijing.

But for those pushing these changes, China could be perceived to be a strong argument that an empowered state is what is needed to respond to the pandemic. Regardless of the many valid criticisms of how Beijing initially handled the crisis, it appears to have been able to get its domestic epidemic under control and the economy back on track better than many other countries.

The US government, meanwhile, presents something of an uneasy contrast: with a President musing about whether ingesting disinfectants could be used to treat the virus and encouraging protesters to demand an end to quarantine measures.

It doesn’t seem that uneasy a contrast to us: We’ll take the president musing about “ingesting disinfectants” and ending crippling statewide lockdowns over whatever Beijing has to offer.

We’re old enough to remember all of the think-pieces about how maybe absolute freedom of speech wasn’t such a good thing after all — the ones that appeared after President Trump was inaugurated. And it was only last November when the New York Times offered up an opinion piece entitled, “Free Speech Is Killing Us.”

Miller’s right: Pay attention.

It’s not just America, either:


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