You obviously remember all the tweets and headlines about the man who had died and his wife who was hospitalized after President Trump had talked up hydroxychloroquine as a possible game-changer in the fight against the coronavirus — not one of them mentioned that the two had ingested fish-tank solvent the wife had dug out of the pantry and mixed with soda. The woman blamed Trump, of course, and the media and the Resistance joined her.

Now that Trump allegedly told Americans to inject disinfectants into themselves to cure COVID-19, the media has finally found two men who have ingested disinfectants, reportedly to prevent catching the coronavirus.

But wait … just like with the fish-tank cleaner story, there’s more — both men have suffered from psychiatric problems:

Officials say two men in Georgia who have suffered from psychiatric problems ingested household chemicals in an effort to protect themselves against COVID-19, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Gaylord Lopez, director of the Georgia Poison Center, told the newspaper that a man was hospitalized on Saturday after he claimed to have ingested 16 ounces of bleach in a bid “to prevent COVID.”

“He said that he took 16 ounces,” Lopez said. “I don’t know very many patients who will take 16 ounces, but then again, it is a psych history patient.”

The director said another man had also been hospitalized after drinking Pine-sol mixed with mouthwash, beer and pain medication.

Catch that bit where it says the man “claimed” to have ingested 16 ounces of bleach?

The director of the Georgia Poison Center said “he felt the president’s comments suggesting disinfectants be looked into as a possible coronavirus treatment were misinterpreted by much of the public.” They were certainly misinterpreted by most of the mainstream media.

You can tell by the comments just how many people read the actual article, though it’s clear a lot of people don’t think much of the people of Georgia.